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Get a second opinion

Receive a second opinion by the best specialists in Medical Oncology/ Radiology/ Nuclear Medicine / Radiotherapy nationwide and reassure the accuracy of your diagnosis so you can have peace of mind about getting the best therapeutic approach.

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How it works?

Getting an online second opinion for your cancer diagnosis with our platform is as easy as it can be.

First, choose an expert that you find more eligible for the case. After registration and entering the information about the person needing a second opinion you will be allowed to handpick a physician most suitable for your case.  The doctors on our platform are chosen among the best specialist in the country.

Upload all the medical documentation related to the case (imaging and pathology results, medical paperwork related to other medical conditions, or every other document that you think your doctor might find useful).

The doctor will review what you have provided and will write and send you a report. Note that the doctor might contact you requiring additional specifications before sending the report,  so stay in touch.

What is a second opinion? 

A second opinion is defined as seeking an independent opinion on either diagnosis or treatment by an expert in the same field as the specialist who gave the initial opinion.

Getting a second opinion will give you the confidence that you are getting the best treatment for your diagnosis. It may confirm or change the diagnosis, point to a different stage, or type of cancer, or provide a different treatment plan for you. You will be sure that you have explored all the options in each case.

Consulting a second specialist for your cancer also decreases the chance of a misdiagnosis. This is true, especially in some rare types of cancer. 

By using our second opinion platform, you get the chance for a multidisciplinary approach. Consulting an oncologist, a surgeon, and a radiation oncologist might give you a wider specter of the opportunities that you might have to do your best.

A second opinion means more information about your diagnosis. Making an informed decision will make you feel more in control of your disease and raise your chances of succeeding.

According to studies, a minority of cancer patients require a second opinion. Nonetheless, it is found that a considerable proportion of second opinions, ranging anywhere from 10% to 62% across the studies, yield a major change in the diagnosis, treatment, or prognosis. A substantially larger fraction of patients receives different advice on treatment than on their diagnosis.

Overall, most patients perceive second opinions to be valuable.


When to seek a second opinion for your cancer diagnosis?

We in OSO Health recommend you seek a second opinion for your cancer diagnosis in the following situations. 

Physicians trained in the best universities in the U.S.

Stanford University
The University of Chicago
Boston University
Yale University