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Get a second opinion

Receive a second opinion by the best specialists in Medical Oncology/ Radiology/ Nuclear Medicine / Radiotherapy nationwide and reassure the accuracy of your diagnosis so you can have peace of mind about getting the best therapeutic approach.

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About Us



An oncological diagnosis is a life-changing diagnosis that requires fast and adequate decisions. Observing oncological patient's journey of diagnosis and treatment and their appeal to ask as many specialists as needed inspired us to create this platform. We aim to help you connect fast to top specialists so you can get the best expertise in each step of your journey.





   Focused only on oncological diagnoses 

Our vision is to help the patients who are facing this life-changing diagnosis and give them a platform where they can clarify every question and uncertainty.


A simple, user-friendly platform

We created an user-friendly platform because we know that time is too precious.


Top Physicians

Our physicians are selected by very rigorous standards because we want to provide the best solutions for our patients.


Patient-oriented vision

We are aiming to provide all oncological services and needs in one place. Our vision is to fight this battle together.


Physicians trained in the best universities in the U.S.

Stanford University
The University of Chicago
Boston University
Yale University